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Youth group distributes food, gains city and National Guard support
Youth in a suburb of New York City engaged in initiatives of the Baha’i community aimed at social progress adapt quickly to address challenges caused by school closures.
Rising to the occasion in a global crisis
Baha’i communities across the world respond quickly and constructively to the challenging circumstances caused by the coronavirus disease (COVID-19).
Court upholds death sentence against Yemeni Baha’i
Religiously-motivated ruling upheld against Hamed bin Haydara, who has suffered years of imprisonment and torture.
Naw-Ruz around the world brings hope and spiritual renewal
Baha’i communities around the world are celebrating the new year by strengthening bonds of friendship and conveying a message of hope.
Hope and support in Italy during a global health crisis
Patterns of activity developed in Baha’i communities around the world have equipped them to respond to the crisis with hope and to be of service to their societies
Communities collaborate to build educational facility with environmentally sustainable technologies
Kenyan Baha’is draw on experiences with community-building activities to create a collaborative environment for the construction of an educational facility.
Village chiefs discuss the future at unprecedented gathering in India
Some thirty village chiefs, or pradhans, of different religions and castes gathered for a unique discussion on the prosperity and spiritual well-being of their people.
Religion and the integration of new arrivals into Canadian society
Seminar series examines the important role of religion in the process of immigration to and settlement in Canada.
How can humanity live in harmony with the planet?
Academics, civil society representatives, and faith leaders in the UK examine how religion can inspire constructive thought and action on climate change issues.
Transcending differences through a unifying language
The Brussels office of the BIC explores the importance of language in fostering a shared identity at a European Parliament panel discussion
Chiefs seek lasting peace in light of spiritual truths
Gatherings of chiefs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo focus on unity, peace, and the role of religion in social transformation.
Imprisonment, confiscation, denial of most basic civil rights: A surge in persecution of the Baha’is in Iran
Baha’is prevented from obtaining identification cards while arrests and attacks against them persist.
Akka mayor and religious leaders honor ‘Abdu’l-Baha at ceremony
Ceremony at the site of the Shrine of ‘Abdu’l-Baha marks the start of construction.
A momentous endeavor begins: Groundwork being laid for the Shrine of ‘Abdu’l-Baha
Initial stages of construction work for the new Holy Shrine in Akka are under way while detailed planning continues.
Peaceful coexistence only possible with full participation of women
Religious and civil society leaders in Tunisia reflect on changes needed in the country to see greater advancement of women.
2019 in review – A year of historic developments
The past year saw significant developments in the Baha’i world surging in the lead-up to the second bicentenary.
India’s president honors the Bab’s historic bicentenary
The country’s Baha’i community held a special reception for the president and more than 160 dignitaries, civil society and faith leaders, academics, and artists.
100 years on, remembering ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s call for peace in the First Tablet to The Hague
His message outlined the requisite spiritual foundations for peace. Its centenary is being commemorated by the Netherlands’ Baha’i community.
Exploring the distinctive role of youth, Germany’s Baha’is give impetus to an expanding conversation
Discussions are taking place around the country about how youth develop their potential to contribute to society.
National bicentenary gatherings shine light on social themes
The recent bicentenary was a time for celebration and reflection on addressing the challenges of our time.
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