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The evolving Baha’i perspective on interfaith dialogue
The transformation of the interfaith movement in the 21st century is opening new possibilities to contribute to social harmony and progress.
Material and spiritual education: 30 years of School of the Nations
Over three decades, a Baha’i-inspired school in Macau has sought to develop intellectual and moral excellence in its students.
2018 in review: progress and insights
For the Baha’i world, 2018 was marked by a wide range of developments.
Why religion is in the spotlight again
For leaders in virtually every region of the world, questions about religion and its role in society persist.
Last member of former Yaran ends prison term, persecution continues
As Afif Naeimi, 56, completes his unjust prison sentence, dozens of Iranian Baha’is remain in prison and thousands more face daily persecution.
On migration, BIC sees need for cooperation, focuses on root causes
A historic consensus on international migration has emerged among world leaders.
UN resolution calls for end to Iran’s persecution of Baha’is
The UN General Assembly calls on Iran to end denial of education, incitement to hatred, destruction of cemeteries, and other attacks on Baha’is.
BIC joins Arab leaders to advance sustainable development goals
For the first time, the Baha’i International Community participated in an Arab League summit, which brought the region together to address vital issues.
Contributing to social transformation—reflections on Baha’i participation in discourses
This is the first part of a series about what the Baha’i community is learning in its efforts to contribute to the discourses of society nationally and internationally.
Remembering ‘Abdu’l-Baha’s call for unity, a century after World War I
‘Abdu’l-Baha’s warnings about war and the urgency of His call for peace are a stark reminder of the dangers that remain.
Shapoor Monadjem, 1933-2018
The Universal House of Justice sent a message to all National Spiritual Assemblies on the passing of former International Teaching Centre member Shapoor Monadjem.
UN resolution calls for end to Iran’s rights violations against Baha’is
The UN General Assembly calls on Iran to end denial of education, incitement to hatred, destruction of cemeteries, and other attacks on Baha’is.
Baha’i Most Holy Book published in Cebuano
A new translation makes available Baha’u’llah’s Most Holy Book in the second-most widely spoken native language in the Philippines.
Probing violent radicalization
Baha’is co-organize forum to better understand and prevent radicalization.
Man of the Trees: Pioneering environmentalist remembered
Drawn to the Baha’i Faith at a young age, Richard St. Barbe Baker was a visionary environmentalist whose global impact is being revisited.
Toward global peace: Baha’i Chair assembles leading specialists
The Baha’i Chair for World Peace facilitated a dynamic exchange of perspectives on peace and security between leading thinkers.
Overcoming prejudice and intolerance essential for a safer world
Kazakhstan’s 6th Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions engaged religious leaders in a dialogue on building a more secure future for humanity.
Baha'i news publications seek to elevate thought, inspire action
For well over a century, Baha'i news publications have inspired and informed readers interested in the affairs of the Baha'i community.
Baha'i Chair explores overcoming racism
The 2018 Baha'i Chair for World Peace Annual Lecture tackled structural racism and the roots of prejudice.
New Maori prayer book connects hearts with the divine
A book of 81 Baha’i prayers has been published in Maori, the language of New Zealand’s indigenous people.
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