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“A Governance Befitting”: BIC launches statement on eve of UN’s 75th anniversary
The launch event held on Thursday invited exploration of profound themes discussed in BIC’s statement marking the United Nations’ 75th anniversary
Groundbreaking for House of Worship celebrated across DRC
Ceremony marking a new stage in the project was held on Sunday in the presence of officials, religious leaders, and traditional chiefs.
Youth in Beirut create disaster recovery network
Since the aftermath of the Beirut explosion, a group of youth have been channeling capacities gained in Bahá’í community-building efforts toward relief and recovery.
Pioneering pottery sought unity of East and West
Pottery tradition established in England a hundred years ago was inspired by the Bahá’í principle of the oneness of humanity and sought to unite East and West.
University applies lessons learned from COVID first wave
Bahá’í-inspired university in Bolivia draws on experiences from first wave of COVID-19 to support staff and students as academic year continues.
Pandemic sparks critical reflection on journalism
Offices of external affairs create spaces for journalists and other social actors to explore how the media can play a constructive role in society.
Douglas Martin, 1927–2020
The Universal House of Justice has sent a message to all National Spiritual Assemblies on the passing of former House of Justice member Douglas Martin.
Shrine of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá: Foundations completed
Foundations of the inner structure have been completed and the permit for the next stages of work has now been acquired.
Farzam Arbab, 1941–2020
The Universal House of Justice has sent a message to all National Spiritual Assemblies on the passing of former House of Justice member Farzam Arbab.
Violette Haake, 1928–2020
The Universal House of Justice has sent a message to all National Spiritual Assemblies on the passing of former International Teaching Centre member Violette Haake.
BIC marks 75 years of UN, envisages path to just global order
The statement notes the endurance of the global body through turbulent periods and explores elements necessary for a movement toward enduring, universal peace.
Latest “Bahá’í World” essays delve into economic justice, racial unity, community building
The online publication continues series of articles focusing on major issues facing societies in the wake of the pandemic.
University students engage in conversations on social change
Youth around the world have been exploring questions concerning social change and the pandemic at gatherings promoted by the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity.
“Beyond Critique to Constructive Engagement”: Thousands gather in virtual ABS conference
Over 3,000 people gather to explore perspectives across diverse fields in light of the Bahá’í teachings.
Healthcare professionals see distinctive role for community during pandemic
Healthcare practitioners share their observations and insights on the distinctive role of strong community ties and spiritual well-being in dealing with the pandemic.
Building bridges: Parent University on racial equality in the US
Baha’i-inspired organization brings individuals, officials, and police together through constructive conversations on equality.
Fostering self-sufficiency: FUNDAEC encourages local food production
As the ramifications of the global health crisis intensify, FUNDAEC is spearheading the development of local food production initiatives with a view to the future.
“Making cities belong to those who work to build them”: Baha’i Chair in India looks at urbanization
Baha’i Chair in India invites economists and academics to examine how new conceptions of human nature can enhance long-term approaches to urban development.
Six Baha’is imprisoned by the Houthis freed in Yemen
BIC calls for the lifting of all charges and safeguarding of the rights of all Baha’is in Yemen.
Agricultural policies key to addressing drivers of migration, says BIC Brussels
The BIC Brussels Office hosts online discussion, exploring links between European agricultural policies and the adverse drivers of migration from and within Africa.
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